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  • Title: Home OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: .. Tel.. +351 21 831 06 80.. |.. About Us.. Services.. Equipment Rental.. International Production Services.. Specialized Technicians.. Products.. Suspended Camera.. Track Camera.. HyMotion.. Phantom V642.. Phantom V640.. Phantom Miro LC320S.. Mini Cameras.. Toshiba.. Pacific Corporation.. Panasonic.. NetCam.. BeautyShot.. PerchCam.. Pan & Tilt MiniHead.. CamCar.. Underwater.. Drones.. PTZ.. Sony.. Transmission.. Box/Rack Link.. Fiber Optic Cable.. Jimmy Jib.. Steadicam.. Events Gallery.. Contacts.. 4Sky.. Our four cable winch system, enables a suspended camera to dynamically move freely through space taking pictures from perspectives that a conventional camera cannot achieve, providing a unique view of a sports or other type of entertainment event.. OmniCam.. in action at the 37th UEFA Super Cup played at the Stade Louis II in Monaco on 31 August 2012.. An annual football match organized by UEFA and contested by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions, Champions League and UEFA Europa League winners.. High Speed Camera.. in action at the 59th season of UEFA Champions League Final played at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal on 24 May 2014.. OmniCam4Sky.. Very Special Cameras.. OmniCam4Sky it’s an R D  ...   equipment and tools you need to take your production to the next level.. Suite Of Products.. Special Camera Systems.. Omnicam4Sky.. 4Sky V2.. 0.. Suspended Camera System, a unique view of a sports or other entertainment event.. Steadicam Archer.. A low cost and lightweight fully featured Steadicam rig.. Different models for multiple applications with our partner UAVision “military grade manufacturer”.. A light crane that can be assembled in a few minutes where an ordinary crane cannot be used.. Phantom V642, the unique ability to both record and playback ultra-slow motion (up to 2500fps) footage simultaneously.. 4Sky V3.. Brand new 3 Axis stabilized head.. OmniCam.. A Track Camera System with remotely controllable Dolly Camera Head.. MiniCam.. Special pictures from special angles with full remote controlled cameras.. With the sensitive, dynamic and high-capacity hydro-pneumatic suspension that Citroen C5's unique suspension has to offer.. UnderWater.. Go deeper with your pictures using our underwater Camera Systems.. The industry standard remote camera crane for the past twenty-five years.. A choice of PTZ´s tools that meets the universal standard for high-quality HD production.. © 2014 Omnicam4Sky Template.. All Rights Reserved.. By:..

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  • Title: About Us OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: Home.. WHO WE ARE.. is an.. R D.. (research and development).. Mediapro Company.. , specialized in the development, creation and building, of special systems with.. remote control for HD Television Cameras.. that bring,.. movement, emotion and realism.. to the broadcast.. We have started in the broadcast field and in the developing of.. innovative remote-controlled camera systems.. solutions in 1996 with OmniCam.. In 2008 we gathered with.. Mediapro Group.. with a new company.. , a new thirst with better facilities was born to deliver new solutions in remote-controlled camera motion.. main goal now is the continuation of creation and development of new types of.. camera systems.. that will improve and innovate the production and broadcast of any kind of event.. With our own made monorai.. and.. Suspended camera.. systems, we are among world leaders  ...   , using for the effect systems of fixation and remote control of own creation, obtaining.. new perspectives.. and allowing with.. precision, reliable camera movements.. or simply unique static perspectives.. Our core business is the application of our systems adding to live (or taped) broadcast transmissions different perspectives and shots.. WHO DO WE SERVE?.. Broadcasters.. Content and TV Production Companies.. Sport Clubs, Academies Federations.. Companies interested in Special Cameras solutions.. TESTIMONIALS.. After a project is complete, we ask our clients to give their feedback on the service offered.. Here you can share a few appreciated remarks for each of our areas of activity.. OUR PARTNERS.. We are proud to be one of the main Special Cameras provider in the Broadcast market and we aim to continue growing worldwide, together with our partners and customers..

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  • Title: Equipment Rental OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: Thanks for your interest in renting from.. To better assist you, we have included the following.. form.. to fill out prior to.. contact us.. and/or coming to our facilities.. This expedites the.. rental process.. , helping you get your equipment faster and more efficiently.. A good starting point if your interest is only a.. quotation.. at this stage is following the same process.. Download.. the.. Rental Form.. , once completed.. print out.. the document and.. send to us by e-mail.. to.. geral@omnicam4sky.. tv.. We will get back to you immediately.. Rental Form PDF..

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  • Title: International Production Services OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: is the answer in providing.. special camera systems.. worldwide, our.. turnkey production.. solutions or.. build to order.. consulting.. , have turned in to.. international expertise services.. for fulfilling your needs.. You have the.. vision.. We have the.. know-how.. operational expertise.. Please.. contact.. our sales department.. here..

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  • Title: Specialized Technicians OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: we position our.. special cameras.. in.. , using for the effect.. systems of fixation.. and.. remote control.. of own creation.. Obtaining.. precision and reliable camera movements.. or simply unique static perspectives, our.. main goal.. will be always, to.. add value.. to your production.. Our.. dynamic, energetic.. experienced professionals.. are.. always ready.. to provide to you the.. best quality.. of our.. services..

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  • Title: HyMotion OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: Hypermotion Camera System.. OVERVIEW.. OmniCam4Sky Hypermotion Camera System powered by the Emmy® Award winning Phantom, is available as multiple affordable solutions for sports broadcasters with newly integrated system components provide by OmniCam4Sky.. HyMotion camera offers a unprecedented level of convenience and creativity.. Aside from providing frame-rate speeds, also offers a superior flexibility and integration into broadcast operations, with a range of features and ease of use optimized for the  ...   (100 times slower than live action) with instant replays.. His superior performance, clever design, and breathtaking image quality extends the range of utra-slow-motion applications.. Key Features:.. Use on Sports, Films, Commercials and Documentaries.. Dual output - can be used as a live camera whilst replay is taking place.. Runs from single SMPTE fibre cable.. Uses only one channel on the disk recorder.. Use any B4 or PL mount.. HyMotion Brochure..

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  • Title: Suspended Camera OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: 4Sky is a four cable winch system which enables a suspended camera to dynamically move and view a sports field, arena, or concert stage from nearly anywhere and any angle, moving freely through space, both vertically and horizontally within a defined space.. To deliver its spectacular pictures, the camera has the ability to move both close to the ground and at dizzying height, taking pictures from perspectives that a conventional camera cannot achieve and offer to you a unique view of a sports or other entertainment event.. The most amazing and dynamic camera system available today.. To enhance the coverage of your spectacular events.. Applicable indoors as well as outdoors.. HOW IT WORKS.. Four motorized cable winches positioned at each corner at the base of the covered area; each one, controls a Kevlar suspension cable that goes over a pulley attached to a mast or to other available fixed points called as an anchor point, such as at the light stanchion in a stadium, and attaches to a gimbal of the Gyro Stabilized Camera System.. The four motorized winches work together by controlling the winding and unwinding of the cables and coordinated controls drive the system, making it fast and agile enabling the 4Sky System to fly or to hold the camera in the desired position throughout the space within the four anchor points.. A dedicated processor controls each winch; the motor-drive is commanded and controlled by a micro-controller which in turn receives commands from a central controlling computer.. The operator on the controlling computer instructs and coordinates the actions of the four winches in real time and collects response and safety information, the computer using the system kinematics, estimates the camera position, monitors the sensors and performance based parameters, interprets the operator’s joystick commands, tracks the camera position, converts the operator’s commands into positional coordinates, and synchronizes the action of each winch so that the Gyro Stabilized Camera performs the proper motion.. The central control computer allows the operators to focus on capturing the action by performing obstacle avoidance.. During the setup, the operator can describes any obstacles in the fly space.. The operator abstracts the obstacles, such as a scoreboard, a column, goal posts,  ...   on controlling the camera functions, such as pan, tilt, zoom, iris, and focus.. A control monitor with online display provides accurate information about the exact position of the camera at all times.. A spar is the structure that supports the Gyro Stabilized Camera components, which ride the suspension-cable system.. The lower section of the spar, houses the remote head which provides pan, tilt and roll movement and includes all the servo remote controls, also houses fiber-optic-communication components, and local processing boards, sensors for stabilizing and controlling the camera.. The upper section, houses the power batteries and the lightweight gyroscopic stabilizing mechanics to achieve more stable movement and a steadier image while moving.. Balanced at the spar’s center of gravity is the gimbal that forms the heart of the four point cable-suspension and control system.. Safety is of particular importance particularly at public events.. For the sake of exciting pictures, the Omnicam4Sky must often fly immediately above the head of the audience.. The System has two independent operational circuits; Primary Secondary.. Primary is intendant to be autonomous in control and safety.. Second is monitoring every human input and system sensors, providing that if anything not expected happened in operation, or if primary circuit fails, the secondary safety circuit will stop all components at same time quite automatically.. To prepare for a power failure and the consequent possibility that the cables could freely unwind from the winches, each winch has entirely independent automatic brakes.. The braking force is applied by steel springs, so that even if the power fails, the brakes will automatically be applied without the need for any external power.. In case of an emergency or a malfunction the security concept will stop the system immediately.. This stop is composed of the deactivation of the winches and the activation of all brakes, which brings the system to a halt within milliseconds.. A stop can either be initiated manually by pressing one of the "emergency stop" buttons, or automatically by one of the integrated safety protocols.. The entire camera system can be dismantled within a few hours and – depending on circumstances – be reassembled again at a new site within 1–2 days.. 4Sky Specs.. 4Sky Overview..

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  • Title: Track Camera OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: Omnicam Track Camera System is a remotely controllable dolly with camera head.. The narrow-gauge aluminum rail (11cm) guides the camera smoothly and safely, both along straight runs and around curves with a minimum radius of just 105cm.. A digital control panel operates the drive.. Automated moves can be programmed or the system can be controlled via a joystick and foot pedal.. The Omnicam is also  ...   time and money when setting up and transporting the system.. Rail profiles of various lengths and various curve radiuses are also available.. For capturing unique perspectives from angles unreachable by conventional handheld, tripod, or full-sized remote-controlled camera support systems.. Benefits:.. Versatile usable.. Automated camera cruises.. Mountable hanging or standing.. Compact dimensions and small dead weight.. Joystick or foot pedal controlling.. Easy handling.. OmniCam Specs.. Omnicam Overview..

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  • Title: Phantom V642 OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: The Phantom® v642 is the third generation broadcast camera.. It retains the unique ability to both record and playback ultra-slow motion footage simultaneously, while adding the capability to accurately color match regular speed broadcast cameras.. The internal high-speed dynamic RAM can be segmented into different partitions.. You can record ultra high-speed events recorded into one memory segment while simultaneously playback a previously recorded event directly from the camera.. This feature gives  ...   can be connected to a controller in the studio or OB truck, which can access the camera’s memory for playback while the camera operator is framing and recording the live action.. The v642 is supported by a 4 megapixel 2K sensor that can record full-resolution frame rates of 1450 frames-per-second and be leveraged to support pan and zoom applications.. Typical broadcast resolutions are supported, in addition to 1080p at 2560 frames-per second..

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  • Title: Phantom V640 OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: The Phantom v640 has emerged as the sports broadcast industries de-facto camera-of-choice for ultra-high-speed playback.. His high-resolution timing system yields a timing resolution of better than 20 nanoseconds.. Frame rate, frame synchronization and exposure accuracy are all improved over previous generations of high-speed cameras..

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  • Title: Phantom Miro LC320S OmniCam4Sky
    Descriptive info: The Phantom Miro M / R / LC320S is a small, lightweight, rugged digital high-speed camera packed with advanced features, which now includes HD-SDI for advanced monitoring and workflow possibilities.. The camera has advanced features previously available on cameras at twice the price, is easy to learn and use, and addresses applications in a wide variety of industries.. Our new R-Series body style adds a rugged, high-g rated camera to the Miro  ...   throughput.. This translates to 1380 fps at 1920 x 1200, or over 1500 fps at 1920 x 1080.. The M320S uses microlenses on its custom-designed CMOS sensor with 10 μm pixel pitch to achieve great light sensitivity, and with 12-bit pixel depth you can expect excellent image quality.. Broadcasters now have access to a camera based on the Academy Award winning technology of the Phantom Flex for TV and new media applications..

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