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  • Title: International Egas Moniz
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Erasmus Programme.. General Information.. Useful Erasmus Web Links.. Outgoing students.. Incoming students.. Studing at Egas Moniz.. Academic calendar.. Graduate Courses.. Facilities.. Student's Unions Groups.. Accomodation.. About Egas Moniz.. Welcome.. A brief history.. Educational, scientific and cultural project.. Facts and figures.. Centres and Residences.. Maps and directions.. Map of the Campus.. Research at EM.. CiiEM.. CgmnpEM.. CimpsEM.. LmaEM.. Teacher/Staff Mobility.. Contacts.. Contacts IRO.. Contacts Erasmus ISCSEM.. Erasmus ESSEM.. 0.. 1.. CANDIDATURAS ERASMUS 2014/2015.. Estão abertas as candidaturas Erasmus para o ano lectivo 2014/2015.. 1ª Fase: até 28 de Fevereiro de 2014.. Candidaturas para Estudantes.. Candidaturas para Docentes e Funcionários.. Erasmus.. Mundus.. The Erasmus Mundus Masters in Forensic Science is a joint venture  ...   institution may carry out within the ERASMUS programme.. [.. in.. European Commission official site].. EgasMoniz.. useful links.. Egas, Preciso de Ajuda!.. AE-ISCSEM.. AE-ESSEM.. Egas Moniz site.. CAEM.. TinTuna.. In'Spiritus Tuna.. Life.. in Egas.. Weather.. in Lisbon.. 21 C.. Saturday.. 16 C / 22 C.. Sunday.. 16 C / 19 C.. Monday.. 15 C / 19 C.. Tuesday.. 18 C / 21 C.. Who's.. Online.. We have 2 guests online.. You are here :.. Scroll to Top.. Egas.. Moniz, CRL.. Academics.. Research.. Programme.. Erasmus ISCSEM.. International.. Admission for regular applicants.. Admission for applicants over 23.. Copyright 2011 Shaper Simplicity - II Demo.. All Rights Reserved.. Designed by.. JoomShaper.. Powered by.. Joomla!.. Valid.. XHTML.. and.. CSS..

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  • Title: General Information
    Descriptive info: Programa Erasmus.. Instituído em 1987, o Programa Erasmus é o programa emblemático de ensino e formação da UE relativo à mobilidade e cooperação no domínio do ensino superior em toda a Europa.. As suas várias acções contemplam não só estudantes que desejem estudar ou trabalhar no estrangeiro mas também docentes e outro pessoal, inclusive de empresas, que tencionem ensinar no estrangeiro, assim como pessoal do ensino superior que procure formação  ...   trabalhar em conjunto através de programas intensivos, de redes académicas e de projectos multilaterais, bem como a aproximarem-se do mundo dos negócios.. Read more.. Mobilidade de Estudantes para Estudos (SMS).. Agência Nacional.. Mobilidade de Estudantes para Estágio (SMP).. Mobilidade de Docentes para Missões de Ensino (STA).. Mobilidade de Pessoal para Formação (STT).. More Articles.. Extended Erasmus University Charter (EUC).. Quality of academic mobility activities.. Quality of student placement activities.. Related.. articles..

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  • Title: Useful Links
    Descriptive info: Useful Links.. Display #.. 5.. 10.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. 100.. All.. 1.. CV - Europass.. 2.. Agência Nacional Proalv.. 3.. Agência Europeia.. 4.. Moveonnet.. 5.. Erasmus +..

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  • Title: Academic support and facilities
    Descriptive info: Academic support and facilities.. Egas Moniz, CRL has 23 classrooms (795 seats, 920 m.. 2.. ), 10 Amphitheaters (1336 seats, 1.. 275 m.. ), equipped with multimedia system (computer and video-projector), being also available a slide projector system, television and DVD player.. There is also a Major Auditorium with 496 posts (420 m.. ).. For practical classes, there are teaching/research laboratories (992 m.. , 348 seats).. computer rooms (117 m.. , 50 seats),.. and s.. upport facilities for the development  ...   with surrounding terrain for crime scene simulation and evidence collection.. and a.. specialized lab for forensic evidence analysis;.. an audiology room;.. preclinical dental training rooms;.. a dental clinic;.. dental prosthetics labs.. Egas Moniz, CRL has a library and study rooms.. Within the Campus, one can also find the university residence.. and other academic support facilities such as canteen, bars and snacksmachines;.. copy center, stationery store, academic bookstore and computer center;.. gym, swimming-pool,.. outdoors pitch for futsal/handball;.. a bank and ATM..

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  • Title: Students' Unions and Groups
    Descriptive info: Students' Unions and Groups.. Students' Union ISCSEM.. Students' Union ESSEM.. Associação de estudantes ISCSEM.. Associação de estudantes ESSEM.. Dentistry Students' Group.. Pharmaceutical Scs Students' Group.. Nutrition.. Students' Group.. Núcleo de estudantes de Medicina Dentária.. Núcleo de estudantes de Ciências Farmacêuticas.. Núcleo de estudantes de Ciências da Nutrição.. Criminal Psych Students' Group.. Forensic Sciences Students' Group.. Health Scs.. Núcleo de estudantes de Psicologia Criminal.. Núcleo de estudantes de Ciências Forenses e Criminais.. Núcleo de estudantes de Ciências da Saúde..

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  • Title: Accomodation
    Descriptive info: UNIVERSITY RESIDENCE EGAS MONIZ.. RESIDÊNCIA UNIVERSITÁRIA EGAS MONIZ (RUEM).. For more information and reservation.. please contact us at:.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 211 ROOMS.. Rooms.. with bathroom, air-conditioning, water and electricity.. ,.. closet, desk and chair, kitchen with refrigerator and freezer,.. microwave and basic supplies (.. dishes, glasses, cutlery.. 211 QUARTOS.. Q.. uartos com wc, ar condicionado,.. Á.. gua, luz,.. roupeiro, mesa de estudo e copa equipada com frigorifico e.. congelador, microondas e palamenta básica.. (pratos, copos, talheres,.. etc.. ).. FREE INTERNET ACCESS.. WEEKLY CLEANING SERVICE.. STUDING AND LIVING ROOMS IN COMMON AREAS.. COOKING LOUNGES IN COMMON AREAS.. SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY FACILITIES.. SWIMMING POOL.. 24-HOUR RECEPTION.. ACESSO LIVRE À INTERNET.. SERVIÇO DE LIMPEZA SEMANAL.. SALAS DE ESTUDO.. COPA / COZINHA COMUNS.. LAVANDARIA “.. SELF-SERVICE.. ”.. PISCINA.. ÁREAS COMUNS COM SALAS DE CONVÍVIO.. RECEPÇÃO 24 HORAS.. General Regulation Terms of Egas Moniz University Residence.. The following information intends to define the General Regulation Terms of Egas Moniz University Residence, property of Egas Moniz – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, CRL, located within its University Campus, afterwards designated as RUEM.. Tenants.. RUEM is exclusively for students of Egas Moniz, CRL.. All tenants are required to comply with this regulation.. 3.. The non-observance of this regulation will formerly imply a warning and, if the situation persists, it will lead to the exclusion of the defaulter.. 4.. The tenant is liable for the good use of RUEM furniture and equipment, keeping it in condition and reporting any damage it may occur.. When identified, the responsibility of damage or malfunctions resulting from improper use lies with its author, otherwise, with all tenants indistinctly.. Under pain of disciplinary proceedings and imposition of sanctions, tenants are not allowed:.. To lend the RUEM card access to third persons;.. To accommodate third persons, regardless of any circumstances;.. To practice theft;.. To make noise, namely, keeping high level volume of TV sets or sound equipment that may upset other tenants or, in any way, disturb the local silence during the resting period (23h00 – 08h00);.. To possess, consume, traffic, stimulate the consumption or encourage the circulation of drugs within RUEM premises;.. To consume and be recurrent in the excessive use of alcoholic drinks;.. To break the rules established for the access of non-residents, in particular, the entry in the RUEM premises.. and rooms;.. To produce improper acts in community life;.. To disrespect or disregard anyone who lives, works or visits RUEM, namely, through verbal or physical aggressions.. 6.. It is strictly forbidden:.. The access and / or the stay of animals in RUEM, except as provided by law (Decreto-Lei n.. º 74/2007 de 27 de Março);.. The possession of any kind of weapons, explosives or toxic substances, flammable or dangerous to health and safety of tenants and RUEM premises;.. The o make a fire, that is to say, to light candles, incense or any other similar objects, without surveillance, in all areas of RUEM;.. 7.. It constitutes grounds for the loss of the right of tenancy:.. The loss of student status;.. The lack of payment of  ...   lower kitchen.. cabinets.. , kitchen sink, refrigerator and microwave, as well as basic crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.. The access to the room and the entrance hall is made by magnetic card, at the care and responsibility of the tenant.. This magnetic card is non-transferable and the loss or misplacement involves the payment of a new card.. For security reasons, the staffs assigned to RUEM have master keys, with access to the rooms.. On a weekly basis, the.. room cleaning.. (floor.. of the room and.. bathroom.. ).. is provided in.. a.. day to be fixed,.. and.. it must be.. kept clean.. and tidy.. , with.. the bed.. made,.. the day appointed.. for cleaning.. up.. at 10h00.. After this hour, if the room is not tidy or if it is still occupied, the maintenance staff shall not clean the room on that week and the tenant will be charged to do so.. Egas Moniz, CRL, is not liable for the disappearance, loss or theft of objects left in the room and declines any responsibility for any damage.. 8.. In case of stealing, it should be immediately reported to competent authorities.. 9.. The tenant should respect the privacy and rights of colleagues, by inhibiting himself / herself to the practice of acts that may disturb them.. The non-compliance with the term referred on no.. 9 may require the defaulter to change to another room of the same type or his / her exclusion from the RUEM.. 11.. In conformity with the legislation in force (Lei n.. º 37/2007 de 14 de Agosto) smoking is not allowed inside RUEM premises.. Communal Areas.. The reception desk is continuously available, and all tenants should identify themselves as often as it is required by RUEM staff.. It is also the place where correspondence is distributed.. Parking places are dependent on the availability of space, and Egas Moniz, CRL, is not responsible for any damage on the parked vehicles.. After use, the kitchens, laundries and clothes line drying should be left tidy and clean.. Washing machines and dryers are a paid service and will be activated by magnetic card.. The u.. sers should.. supervise the operation.. of the machines and.. Egas Moniz, CRL, is not responsible for any loses or damage of clothes.. Waste should be contained in appropriate plastic bags, which can be deposited in waste bins between 18h00 and 21h00.. The swimming pool can be used in the period between 08h00 and 24h00, and Egas Moniz, CRL, is not responsible for any.. accident.. or.. occurrence that may happen there.. Payment charges.. On signing the contract, the tenant shall pay the first instalment, corresponding to one-twelfth of annuity, as well as one deposit of equal amount.. This deposit is returnable in full after the end of the contract, and it cannot be used to the payment of annuity instalments.. On the other hand, it can be used on the payment of damage repairs.. There are no discounts for holiday’s.. Final dispositions.. The cases not covered herein, shall be analysed, one at a time, by the Executive Board of Egas Moniz, CRL..

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  • Title: About Egas Moniz
    Descriptive info: Welcome from the President.. Facts and Figures.. 6.. Maps and Directions.. 7..

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  • Title: Welcome from the President
    Descriptive info: When deciding on a career, Egas Moniz – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, CRL offers various Undergraduate degrees (1.. st.. cycle), Integrated Master degrees (1.. + 2.. nd.. cycles), Master degrees (2.. cycle) and Postgraduate courses, in the area of Health Sciences.. They are training options that correspond to attractive and prestigious professions in which the technical component combines with the human factor and the interpersonal relationship.. The results of the surveys carried out to our former students reveal a significant rate of employability.. In the University Campus, the academic environment is excellent and the facilities are spacious,  ...   de Ensino Superior, CRL, oferece-lhe diversas Licenciaturas (1.. º Ciclo), Mestrados Integrados (1.. º + 2.. º Ciclos), Mestrados (2.. º Ciclo) e Pós-graduações, na área das Ciências da Saúde.. São opções de formação que correspondem a profissões aliciantes e prestigiadas em que, a componente técnica se conjuga com o factor humano e com o relacionamento inter-pessoal.. Os resultados dos inquéritos realizados aos nossos ex-alunos revelam uma significativa taxa de empregabilidade.. O ambiente académico que se vive no Campus Universitário é excelente e as instalações são amplas, modernas e bem equipadas.. Professor Doutor Martins dos Santo.. s..

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  • Title: A brief history
    Descriptive info: The Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz (ISCSEM) was born in 1987, with the innovative project of creating, in Portugal, a University unit exclusively dedicated to courses directly related to health.. The philosophy of ISCSEM is based on the existence of common areas of knowledge and other interlaced areas in order to provide students with multidisciplinary approaches, with a widely favorable reflection in the academic results and the scope of knowledge, in scientific research and in the provision of services.. Our undergraduate degrees are focused on a modern and high quality teaching, in order to give response to a scientific and technologically advanced society.. In recent years, ISCSEM suffered  ...   ISCSEM has a highly qualified teaching staff, subjected to constant training, and participates in various scientific and clinical research projects, financed by official entities and developed in partnership with national and foreign universities.. There is also an entire floor of laboratories dedicated exclusively to scientific research.. ISCSEM is connected to several universities, both in the country and abroad, companies, hospitals, health centres and institutions of social solidarity, which ensure an easy integration of its graduates in professional life.. ISCSEM has been consolidating a top position on the teaching of Health Sciences in Portugal, as a result of the recognized professional competence, which is translated in the full employment of its graduates..

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  • Title: Educational, scientific and cultural project
    Descriptive info: ISCSEM teaches courses in the field of science and health, develops related or complementary activities to this teaching, particularly in the area of research, partnership with other entities, improvement and consulting in science and health and community services.. The activity of the Institute has the following general objectives:.. T.. he scientific and technical training of highly qualified professionals in the field of science and health, through.. undergraduate, postgraduate, specialization and improvement;.. The permanent improvement of those professionals, through courses of short, medium and long term duration and training, internships or other seminars, prepared according to real and specific needs, either for the job, or according to the needs of various types of organizations which operate in the area of science and health;.. Promote lifelong learning, namely by encouraging graduates to return to school as a source and exchange of knowledge, to improve their scientific and technical knowledge where they may attend random classes or train with teachers in clinics and laboratories of the Institute;.. Attract the best pre and postgraduate students;.. Attract scholars and professors who have  ...   of information technologies and training networks;.. Develop appropriate educational programmes, giving emphasis to the acquisition of technological and clinical knowledge, creative thinking, critical analysis and solution to problems;.. Promote the achievement of basic and applied research in the fields of Sciences and techniques and in the area of health;.. The dissemination of scientific and innovative knowledge;.. The promotion of cultural, scientific and technical exchange, with domestic institutions and foreign counterparts.. ISCSEM pursues the referred objectives, taking into account:.. The constant improvement of its activities in order to deepen and consolidate its nature of higher education university of Health and Sciences in direct dynamic link with the various organizations that operate in this area;.. Strengthen and improve the academic performance;.. Encourage a student-centered learning by developing academic partnerships with other public and private organizations;.. The human, ethical, scientific and technical preparation of its students and other participants in actions and training courses, developing the spirit of innovation and openness in relation to change and ability to critically interpret and intervene in the community where they carry out their occupation..

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  • Title: Facts and Figures
    Descriptive info: Coming soon..

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